Squid Ink Koncentrate


Squid Ink Concentrated flavouring for home mixing. Recommended mixing at 20%

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The original recipe flavour that started it all! 

Have you ever wondered what squid ink tastes like? Well, many believe that it is a noxious substance that's used to scare predators off. This common misconception is acceptable, as let's be honest with each other here. Only first year marine biologist students are made to taste it, and their taste buds are destroyed (thanks to the student union bar). No, squid ink is actually a very complex blend of fruits and is actually sublimely sweet!

What the Kraken E-Liquid team has done to extract this wonderful liquid is slightly perverse, so we shan't go into details. All we will tell you is that many of our extraction team now have some serious psychological issues.

I've been told to take this seriously, so for those wondering what the bloody hell is going on

Squid Ink Is:

  • A sweet blend of rich fruits and a couple of secret ingredients to give it a unique taste
  • Made from high quality, diketone free base flavourings