For those that missed the issues I was having with the previous shopping cart software, in short. It was an absolute nightmare, an issue occured that could not be rectified as the software was essentially looping itself and causing a total lock-out of the administrative side. This meant that I could not print orders or access my daily report (of what juice had been ordered).

Sadly, this means that order history, reviews and your accounts are no longer available and you will need to re-register. For transferring your reward points from the old cart, please email me using the ticket system and I will get them transferred to your new account ASAP. Transfer Reward Points

So What's New?


This cart software is a vast improvement on the previous and has much better functionality and flow straight out of the box. 

Using the contact us page now opens a support ticket, so I see emails when I'm accessing the back end of the website.

Reward points are now accrued based on total price and not just fixed at 45

Mobile phone functionality is vastly improved

Better navigation and stock management


This is probably the part that most people are looking forward too!

Redbeards Tobacco Blends - A new range of original recipe, batch steeped e-liquids that aren't your run of the mill tobacco. This range will expand in time, but working with tobacco flavours takes a little longer than the norm to which I am accustomed! For Now you have

  • Corsair - A rich mix of sharp eastern tobaccos
  • Scallywag - A warm blend of strong tobacco flavour with sweet gingerbread

Kraken Original Recipe - There's even a new one here too! Cockney Herberts - A sumptious blend of mixed apples, pear and sweet sherbert a must try for any Squid Ink lovers. Troll Snot is also back, until it runs out! SO be quick if you enjoy it.


Something that I briefly did when I began in 2013, now bigger and better. Flavour concentrates from Capella and Flavor West kick off the flavouring category, with more on the way! There's also 250ml and 1L options added to the nicotine base and PG/VG listed.


Postage has changed yet again and hopefully works as it should, I will in time be making it work 100% as I want it to and charge totally correctly but for now, the prices displayed on the shipping options are total based. The usual discount codes are available

Thanks again for your patience and please do open a ticket if you experience any issues.

Jim "Mr Kraken" Maitland