About Kraken Eliquids

Ever since the first 50 people tried Squid Ink at Vapefest 2013, I have strived to make original recipe eliquid flavours that people enjoy. I never do "off the shelf" flavouring, instead I spend weeks, normally months developing a single flavour and getting the balance just-so. I hope that you enjoy the time spent developing the unique flavours as much as I do when I taste a final mix.


There are many schools of thought on steeping, personally, I prefer to vape Kraken Eliquids from fresh and then enjoy the flavour difference as time goes on. With that said, there are some things to consider: strength, mix ratio! I would say that for cloudchaser mixes, the steeping guide found on each individual Kraken product page should be doubled. 

As a rough guide, sweet flavours I say have at 'em - vape them fresh! For savoury (biscuit/custard based) then give it 3 days or so, until it starts to take on an amber hue.

Steeping & Colourings

Yes, when you first receive your bottle you may have a lovely blue or purple e-liquid, however the natural steeping process will darken eliquid to a yellowy orange hue, thereby turning these colours to greeny or browny colour (in instance of purple) as I don't use a great deal of colouring to begin with. If you WANT extra colouring to mitigate this process then I am willing to do so, however it is worth noting once again that the affects of the colourings used are completely untested when it comes to inhalation.

The colourings I use are glycerin based and I give you the exact E reference for them. I have totally stopped colouring before, but customers demanded the return.


Obviously, I am never going to divulge exactly what is in my flavours, if I did then there would be no point making unique, original recipe e-liquids! What I will tell you is that I only use base flavourings that are supplied with full MSDS information, I only use British & American flavourings, direct from the manufacturers.

Taste Best In:

Taste is of course, subjective. However all of my flavours are tested on 1.8-2ohm Kanger coils (Evods, Protanks etc.) on a standard ego battery. However I personally vape them in rebuildable atomisers on magnetic, mechanical mods and variable voltage and wattage. My common setup for best flavour is 1.6ohm single coil with organic cotton @ in the 6 to 9 watts range. 

If your setup is anything like the setups I use to make and vape my flavours, then you should get the same scrumptious taste that I get!

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